How to Make a claim to Aeromexico?

Aeromexico Telefono

Aeromexico is the leading airline of Mexico and one of the best options to visit any of the 49 international destinations to which the airline flies. Likewise, Aeroméxico  is the number 1 airline in Mexico in terms of passenger transport and, therefore, one of the best options to fly within Mexico to any of the 43 domestic destinations that it currently operates. And suppose it is not enough that Aeroméxico is the leading airline in Mexico in passenger transport or the airline that operates more flights per day in Mexico. 

In that case, Aeromexico Telefono is also the best airline in Mexico, according to Global Traveler. The most trusted airline by Reader's Digest, the airline with the most routes in a hub in Latin America by OAG Schedules Analyzer, and the airline of America Latina who introduced the first frequent flyer program. Hence travel with an Aeromexico Reservation and never worry about any hassles ever again!

Voluntary Changes

As per the new and updated Aeromexico rules, for flights booked on or after July 1, 2020, or your ticket number starts with 139, passengers can make changes without paying any extra fee. If a passenger wishes to make changes with their reservation voluntarily, then the airline gives three options:

They can either use their complimentary change option and make the changes successful without paying anything extra.

Passengers can even request a refund in the form of EMD, which is an Electronic Voucher for 115% of the ticket value before taxes.

Or, travelers can ask for a refund in the original payment form, but this might take up to 12 months for the refund to process in the source account.

Terms and Conditions

The voluntary change option is not applicable for the Basic Blue reservations, and they still might have to pay the change fee.

The value of the requested refund in the form of EMD is equal to 115% of the value of the ticket's price before taxes.

The value of EMD is valid till one year from the date of issue, and the passenger needs to finish the trip within 330 days from the reservation date. It does not apply to Gran Plan. You may connect with them through Aeromexico Telefono, +1-802-231-1806. 

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